G.H Redditch, May 1st 2017

"Been seeing a lovely lady called Meryl for treatment once a month for only 3 months now for a problem the NHS refuse to recognise and accept, which indeed DOES exist and is quite debilitating known as ES or EHS... Electro Sensitivity or Electro HyperSensitivity. I have been laughed at and at the hospital I was told its nonsense. After the very first session with Meryl my homeopath the relief was unbelievable and fantastic!. She also has given me relief for my knackered knees and tendinitis in my hands... the NHS told me I had carpel tunnel syndrome in both hands which I knew full well was not the case as the symptoms are different to when I did in deed have carpel tunnel syndrome!! So, yes homeopathy Most certainly DOES WORK!!!! And well worth a. 2 hr drive to see her!! She has done more for me and my health in 3 months than the NHS has In 15 years!!!! And most certainly does not laugh at me only with me!! Can't thank her enough xx"

C.W. Wales, August 2016

"I had been taking anti-depressant medication for 12 years but I reached a point where I knew that it wasn’t working and I needed to find a long-term solution to my low mood and negative thinking. A friend suggested trying homeopathy and I’m so glad that I ignored my initial scepticism! Meryl was so friendly and treated me as a whole person and not just each individual ailment or problem. In less than 6 months, Meryl has changed my life. I no longer take any conventional medicine – not even medication for hypertension which I’d had since having pre-eclampsia with two pregnancies. The homeopathy remedies, and Meryl’s support, have given me such clarity of thought and completely changed my perspective and outlook on life."

R.P Builth Wells, Powys.

“I first got in touch with Meryl when my son was 3 years old. His behaviour was very difficult to manage; he tended to be hyperactive, he had a very limited diet and he did not sleep! Meryl was great, she is very friendly and after a few consultations I felt she really knew my son! The remedy she prescribed has worked wonders. He is calmer, his speech developed overnight, his behaviour has significantly improved and he now sleeps! I truly believe that Meryl and the homeopathic remedy have contributed to the overall wellbeing of my son. I would highly recommend that anyone having difficulties, understanding or overcoming problems with their children, should contact Meryl without hesitation.”


“When I initially rang Meryl I had no idea what she could offer. I had been to the Doctors with my niece who was suffering from anxiety attacks on numerous occasions over a 12 -week period. There was no help at all - maybe counselling session in 6 months’ time!! From the moment we stepped into Meryl’s clinic everything changed. Within 3 sessions of Reflexology and one homeopathic remedy she was a different child and by the end of 3 months back to normal, but with even more confidence than before.”

L.M Llandrindod Wells, Powys.

“Meryl also helped me control my eczema and bouts of stress with Reiki & Reflexology. I can't thank Meryl enough for everything she's done.”

V. S Aberystwyth, Ceredigion.

"Meryl is not only an amazing reflexologist, through our sessions I have felt a deeper connection and understand to my body via the reflex points on my feet, a truly amazing feeling. This has helped me to trust more with my intuition and be guided to find greater meaning and purpose in my life so I could move on. Thank you Meryl."

Helen Llandrindod Wells, Powys.

"Well, what can I say, she is a truly amazing homeopath! I thought I was just unfixable until I had a course of treatments from her and she has just changed my life for the better. Just don't know how to say thank you for all her help, support and I am now pain free. I would recommend her again and again. "

D.C Llandrindod Wells, Powys

I am an EHS (Electro Magnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome) sufferer and have been for over four years, which is caused by the effects of today’s technology. Tetra communications, Wi-Fi, etc. My problem was so bad that at times I was suicidal. I went to see my Doctor and explained the situation and I was told that he could not help me and all he could do was maybe help me sleep with medication. Needing more help I went to a specialist in Cardiff and explained my situation and he did not understand my problem. By this time I was getting worse; luckily I saw Meryl and explained my symptoms. She said I may be able to help as I practice Homeopathy. My first appointment was back in October 2012 and was very lucky to have found somebody that could help me. Since my treatments with Meryl my life has changed for better and I am almost back to normal. She has done wonders for me, without her help and the homeopathic remedies I would not have recovered to what I am now. I would recommend Meryl's Homeopathic approach and I am very grateful to her, so once again thank you Meryl.

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